• To remove all bad karmas of past lives
  • To remove sins and bad karmas inherited from parents, grand-parents and great-grandparents
  • To remove the effects of Kal Bhairo and Kateri which are the devil’s male and female energies. Note: There is no written evidence of Kal Bhairo in the Vedas or the Puranas. Kal Bhairo is known only in Africa, and Guyana, and is known as Dee Baba, Land Master or Shanganee Baba or Satan in the Caribbean and Guyana.
  • To promote the birth of children and to stop miscarriages and abortions
  • To improve the relationship between one’s self and his or her mother
  • To improve relationships between husband and wife
  • To assist a single woman in finding a husband rapidly
  • To bring wealth and prosperity to the female children of the family
  • To renew one’s karmas through rebirth with Durga as the mother and Shiva as the father

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